Schedules by Program


U5-U19 Schedules and Scores Updated February 14, 2017


Fall 2016 Schedule Updated August 8, 2016


Schedules and Scores


2007 CAYA Schedule updated August 26, 2016


Reschedule Process


Please direct all scheduling related questions via email to your appropriate division scheduler: Recreation or Challenge

Before submitting a scheduling request, be sure review the Match Rescheduling Policy. Once you understand and have read the policy, please submit a rescheduling request through your SoccerInCollege account. Click Here for step by step instructions.

If you notice an error in a reported score for CASL Tournament matches, email our Tournament Director.  Please include the date, both team’s names, field, time of the match and describe the error.

If you notice an error in a reported score for CASL regular season matches, email our Scheduler.  Please be sure to provide the Date, Field and game time of the match as well as a description of the error.  Remember, home team coach provides the partially completed match report to the referee; both coaches must always verify the score after the game and obtain a copy of the match report from the referee.  Always retain your copy of the match report until 2 weeks after the end of the season.

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