Risk Management Instructions

When coaches go to complete risk management they receive the following 4 options:

Select Status for your Registration:

This is my first registration in 2014-15. I have previously registered with NCYSA.

I have never submitted a Risk Management registration form to NCYSA before.

I want to change some of my personal information on file in 2014-15.

I want to add another position.


The first option is for those who have completed risk management in the past but have not done so during that time frame.

The second option is for those who have never completed risk management with NCYSA before.

The third option is for coaches who need to change information such as address, email address, phone number, etc.   It is important that risk management is updated with up to date information since this information is what we use to contact coaches.

The fourth option pertains to coaches who need to add another position.  This could be seasonal.  For example, a coach may need to add the spring position if he/she registered in the fall to coach and only chose the fall position.  This option is also for coaches who coach more than one team so that they can complete risk management for each age group, gender and level that they coach.

Once you make one of the selections above and get into the system (after entering your information) you need to choose your affiliation – NCYSA Member Association.  Then click the box that says “describe your position”.

Next you will be asked to select the respective Member Association's Name.  Choose Capital Area Soccer League from the drop down menu.  Do NOT choose CASL Scheduling League. 

Check the top box next to team official.

Select the type of license you have, if any.  None is required for Recreational.

Next look for the appropriate recreational season (fall and/or spring) and choose coach or assistant coach for the appropriate age group.  Do NOT choose team volunteer.

Hit “submit” at the bottom and verify the information that pops up.

You must let your area registrar know that you have completed risk management.  They will need to request a background check for you.  It does NOT automatically happen.