Peak Performance Testing Make Up Form: August 19 on Travers Lasik Field (#5)

Fall Peak Performance
Supplemental Winter Peak Performance Details Coming Soon!

As a staff, we feel that the players and teams gain valuable player development, which the game requires. The inclusion of the Peak program into team training is an added benefit that we are fortunate to provide. We are pleased with how the first two weeks of Peak Performance has gone, and are excited to be able to continue the program for all our Classic teams as we feel it is critical for the development of their fitness.

Having tested this program with our ECNL and Academy programs in the 2015-2016 season, we saw a significant increase in fitness and a sharp decline in injuries. Peak Performance will play a major role in helping improve players speed, endurance, agility and power over the course of the season.

During preseason phase, we've focused on endurance training by utilizing interval running to help prepare players for their matches in a few weeks. As we get into the season, the focus will shift to more dynamic movements to help players improve their running form and make them more agile and powerful as they jump and change direction. Another goal of Peak is to help reduce the risk of injuries among players club wide. Beyond the physical aspect of the training, Peak Performance is a test to player’s mental toughness to see how much they can get out of their comfort zone.

For any questions regarding the Peak Performance program please do not hesitate to contact Director Richard Huxford at or Assistant Director Michelle Mudge at

What Is Peak Performance

Peak Performance is a supplementary player development program designed to augment and enhance the club training experience. Peak performance is ideal for players of all ages and skill levels and can be particularly helpful in developing each individual player proceed to high levels and teams. Peak Performance offered a unique way of training young soccer players by combining professionally based soccer instruction with soccer specific athletic development.




Peak Performance Age Specific Objectives


Peak Performance uses SKLZ equipment to help players develop their athleticism, and now you can use the same products at home! Since SKLZ is a proud sponsor of Peak Performance, all CASL members receive 20% off SKLZ products at the SKLZ online store: 

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Director of Peak Performance Assistant Director of Peak Performance