Rules and Policies

Recreation & Challenge Rules of Play

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  • U5-U8
  • Ball Size 3
  • 30x40 yard field
  • Game divided into quarters
  • No Goalkeeprs
  • U9-U10
  • Ball Size 4
  • 44x60 yard field
  • Two 25 min. halves
  • Goalkeerps
  • U11-U12
  • Ball Size 4
  • 50x70 yard field
  • Two 30 min. halves
  • Goalkeepers
  • U13-U19
  • Ball Size 5
  • 50-80x100-120 yard field
  • Two 35-45 min. halves
    Depending upon age group
  • Goalkeepers

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Home teams wear orange. Away teams wear black.

Referees are encouraged to print these CASL Rules and carry in your bag to Games to use as a Reference Source in the event a question between the Teams should arise.

CASL Rules for Divisional Play:

FIFA Laws & Policies: