Common Athletic Injuries


Every year we hear more and more about mild head injuries in sports.  Commonly referred to as concussions, we are seeing more of these traumas occurring in our own children while on the soccer pitch.  As a resource for our coaches and parents we are attaching a link to a website published by the CDC.

On this website there are excellent educational resources and checklists for parents, coaches, and players.  Within the next week we will also be posting the return to play guidelines recommended by our sports medicine society.

This protocol should be followed only after a medical doctor has recommended its start.  We would also like to recommend that any athlete that is thought to have a concussion, please consider making an appointment with the Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic or the WakeMed North concussion clinic (919) 350-4340.

Both of these clinics are dedicated to sports concussions.  Please be sure to have whomever the MD is, contact and share the return to play criteria and restrictions with our Certified Athletic Trainer via email, Jason Bailey.

CASL's Concussion Policy and Resources

Heat Illness

In soccer there are several issues that athletes need to deal with.  One major issue, not limited to North Carolina, but that we deal with regularly is heat illnesses.  Several factors can lead an athlete to suffer from a heat illness and cause debilitating effects on an athlete’s performance.  The attached article lays out the risk factors and ways to prevent heat illness in our CASL athletes.

Heat Related Illness Article

Ankle Sprain

Another injury very common in the sport of soccer are ankle sprains.  Ankle sprains can be minor to severe and possibly lead to a fracture of one or more bones in the lower leg.  Attached is an article on ankle sprains that can help parents with what an ankle sprain is, as well as how to treat it and what to expect when their child sprains their ankle.

Ankle Sprain Article