About Cleats


Birthday: March 11, 1974

Height: he's a little taller than the average dog as he walks on two legs

Weight: tons of playful fun

Favorite Movie: Soccer Dog: The Movie

Favorite Celebrities: Lassie, Goofy, Rin Tin Tin, Snoopy

Favorite Activities: playing soccer, chasing my tail, hanging with my CASL players, giving thumbs ups

Life Motto: "Wag More, Bark Less"


Cleats Appearances

When thinking of throwing a party or adding some excitement to your event, think of Cleats! This playful pup is CASL's official mascot, and he is available to make your next event one of the most exciting one's in town. 

Cleats is available to make appearances during CASL events or private events around town. He's a great addition to a birthday party, an after-practice social, end-of-the-year team party, school PTA events such as fall and spring carnivals, or anything else  you can think of. 

To make a Cleats appearance request, please complete and submit this form.