Discipline and Appeals

CASL has rules which must be followed by coaches, players, parents and officials.  The North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) has state rules which must be followed.  The United States Soccer Association and FIFA have Laws of the Game which must be followed.  On occasion, the requirements are not met by one of our members.  CASL Code of Conduct, and the CASL Rule Book are important documents for all CASL members to read.

CASL, in conjunction with NCYSA, have a process called Discipline and Appeals to deal with incidents and complaints which violate these rules.  CASL wants all our coaches, players, parents and league officials to know of the D&A process.  Please take a moment to view our CASL Discipline and Appeals to learn more about how it works.   The procedure to file a complaint is simply and straight forward.  Please read the CASL Discipline and Appeals Procedure below.  If you have any questions, about the D&A process, feel free to email Doug Kappler.

CASL Discipline and Appeals Procedures

The Discipline and Appeals (D&A) process can be used by CASL Coaches, Players, Parents or CASL officials.  When CASL Rules, CASL Codes of Conduct, USSF Laws of the Game and NCYSA Rules are violated, the incident is to be reported to CASL for appropriate investigation and action.

The first step to bring forward a complaint is to promptly notify your team coach/ Age Group Coordinator in writing or email.  A detailed description of the incident along with any witness’ names, the date, time and location of the incident must be contained in the written complaint.  This detailed description shall be sent to:

CASL Discipline and Appeals Complaint
3300 Woman’s Club Drive, Suite 1
Raleigh, NC 27612

CASL will assess the situation and address the complaint in one of three ways:

  1. 1)  If the complaint can be resolved through a CASL representative explanation which is satisfactory to the complainant then they will receive a written response and notification of the right to appeal.

  2. 2)  If the complaint is more involved such as with multiple parties, a CASL representative will mediate the complaint. If a satisfactory conclusion can be mediated between the involved parties, a letter will be sent with a statement of finding, and actions to be executed.  This letter will also include appeal procedure forms, if needed.

  3. 3)  If the complaint is of the nature which requires a Discipline and Appeals hearing, CASL will assign a committee to conduct the hearing consistent with NCYSA D&A Procedures.  Notice of hearing will be sent to all affected parties, a hearing will be conducted to determine the facts and a rendering of findings and sanctions will be provided to all parties.  These notifications will contain information on right to appeal.  These letters will typically be sent within 4 business days after the hearing.  Appeals from the CASL D&A process will be to NCYSA.