Parent Commitment

The Role of the CASL Parent

To have a successful program, there must be understanding and cooperation among parents, players, and coaches.  Your child’s progress will depend, to a great extent, on this triangular relationship.  With this in mind, CASL asks you to consider this section as your family joins or returns to CASL.  

You can help your CASL child
Supply plenty of love, recognition, support and encouragement.  This allows your child to be confident, enjoy soccer more, and perform better in training and competition.  Support your child unconditionally; do not withdraw love when your child performs poorly.

Support the Coaches
A player develops best when he or she trusts and respects the coach.  The coach’s job is to motivate, teach, and constructively criticize each player’s performance.  Please recognize that our coaches use their extensive experience to best develop each player.  Your child will probably try many different positions throughout his or her career.  CASL’s first concern is for the long term development of your child’s soccer skills under pressure, and there will be times players are instructed to do things parents do not understand.
  • Player and team development will sometimes be given a greater priority than winning.
  • Encourage your child to talk with the coaches, “taking responsibilities”, whether about playing difficulties or missing a match, etc.
Communicate through your Team Manager
Remember, there is a time and place for everything.  If you need information or wish to ask questions concerning team management or coaching decisions, please contact the team manger to obtain the information or to arrange a meeting with the coach.  Concerns or criticisms are welcome, but should be expressed away from training sessions and games.

Attend training as often as you like
You are encouraged to observe your child and to learn more about soccer.  While parents are not allowed on the field during training, a good view can generally be found from the sidelines or in the stands.

There will be no coaching or refereeing
No matter how good your intentions are, we insist there be no shouting instructions to your child or yelling (complaining) to the referees during games.
  • Let the coach (soccer professional) run the team.  Attempting to coach or instruct your child from the sideline is distracting and counterproductive for the player.
  • Your vocal support and positive encouragement are welcome throughout good soccer play.
  • CASL insists that the voice of coach be the only voice at all games or training.  
Uphold your commitments
  • Foster an environment for academic excellence and good sportsmanship.
  • Fulfill your financial commitments.
  • Support and maintain CASL’s philosophy on youth development.