Coaches Code

To be completed by all CASL Classic Coaches

The safety, welfare and well-being of our youth are of primary concern to all involved with the Capital Area Soccer League. To promote the basic principles of awareness and protection for our youth, CASL has adopted the volunteer application format used by similar size and scope youth organization around the nation. CASL is pleased to institute this new program as it will serve for the benefit of the players, parents, coaches and volunteers of the Capital Area Soccer League.

  1. In order to protect CASL staff, volunteers, and program participants—at no time during a CASL game, practice or other CASL events will a staff person be alone with a single child where they cannot be observed by others. As staff supervise players, they should spare themselves in a way that other staff can see them.
  2. Staff shall never leave a youth unsupervised.
  3. Staff shall not abuse children including: 
    • physical abuse - strike, spank, shake, slap; 
    • verbal abuse - humiliate, degrade, threaten; 
    • sexual abuse - inappropriate sexual touching or exposure or conduct which creates a sexually hostile environment; 
    • mental abuse - shaming, withholding love, cruelty. 
    • neglect - withholding food, water, basic care, etc.
  4. Any type of abuse will not be tolerated and may be cause for immediate dismissal.
  5. Staff must use positive techniques of guidance, including redirection, positive reinforcement and encouragement rather than competition, comparison and criticism. Staff will have age appropriate expectations and set up guidelines and environments that minimize the need for discipline. Physical restraint is used only in pre-determined situations (necessary to protect the child or other children from harm), is only administered in a prescribed manner and must be documented in writing.
  6. Staff will respond to youth with respect and consideration and treat all children equally regardless of sex, race, religion, culture.
  7. Staff will respect children’s rights to not be touched in ways that make them feel uncomfortable, and their right to say no.
  8. Staff will refrain from intimate displays of affection towards others in the presence of children, parents, and staff.
  9. Staff must appear clean, neat, and appropriately attired.
  10. Using, possessing, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during working hours is prohibited.
  11. Smoking or use of tobacco in the presence of children or parents during working hours is prohibited.
  12. Employees and staff may be required to take a drug test.
  13. Profanity, inappropriate jokes, sharing intimate details of one’s personal life, and any kind of harassment in the presence of children or parents is prohibited.
  14. Staff will portray a positive role model for youth by maintaining an attitude of respect, loyalty, patience, courtesy, tact, and maturity.
  15. Staff may not be alone with children they meet in CASL programs.
  16. Staff are not to transport children in their own vehicles.
  17. Staff may not date program participants or parents of players for the team which staff has been assigned to coach.
  18. Under no circumstances should staff release children to anyone other than the authorized parent, guardian, or other adult authorized by the parent or guardian (written parent authorization on file with CASL).
  19. Staff are required to report known or suspected instances of child abuse and understand that not doing so may be considered a misdemeanor.

You should immediately notify the CASL CEO if you feel that you have been the victim of discrimination or if you have been unlawfully harassed at work, or if you feel that a fellow employee is being unlawfully harassed. If possible, such notice should be in writing (signed and dated), stating the date, place, time, nature of harassment, and the name(s) and position(s) of the offending party and any witnesses to the alleged harassment. If you fell the CEO is involved in any way, or believe that for some other reason the CEO cannot be approached, then you may make your complaints directly to the Chairman of the CASL Board.

I understand that any violation of this Code of Conduct may result in termination.