Coach Agreement

To be completed by all CASL Classic Coaches

The safety, welfare and well-being of our youth are of primary concern to all involved with the Capital Area Soccer League. To promote the basic principles of awareness and protection for our youth, CASL has adopted the volunteer application format used by similar size and scope youth organization around the nation. CASL is pleased to institute this new program as it will serve for the benefit of the players, parents, coaches and volunteers of the Capital Area Soccer League.

  1. I will adhere to all CASL Rules and Regulations, Principles of Good Sportsmanship, Code of Conduct and the provisions of this agreement. Violations may result in disciplinary actions and possible dismissal.
  2. I will support, cooperate, and assist in the promotion of soccer and good sportsmanship for the benefit of the youth participating. I am aware that my conduct has a definite impact on the youth, the program, and myself. I will conduct myself at all times in a manner that my personal action or interaction with my team members and parents that cannot be questioned.
  3. I will show respect to all officials and acknowledge that my team is governed by CASL, NCYSA and USYSA rules and regulations, and that the proper conduct of my team’s players, parents, family members, fans, coaches and assistants are my responsibility.
  4. I will train my team on fields approved by CASL during the recognized CASL soccer seasons and only during the periods for which my team is scheduled to use the field. If my team practices on any school property, I or my team representative will personally coordinate our team activities with the principal of that school. At each practice session I will ensure that my team picks up all trash at the practice area before departing.
  5. I will abide by CASL’s decision when fields are determined too wet to play. I will not play, scrimmage, practice, or use any field when this decision is made. Additionally, I will use good judgment as to whether play is appropriate or is likely to cause damage to the field if no “official” decision has been made in regard to wet fields. When a field status is in question I will contact the CASL Hotline 248-9516.
  6. I am aware of the potential hazards of soccer goals, and will inspect my practice and game goals prior to and during the season. I understand that movement of any anchored goal is forbidden except by CASL personnel.
  7. I will continue to educate myself, and stay up to date on soccer issues and trends. I will strive to attain the highest soccer education level possible. I understand that I must obtain a National Level License or equivalent within 18 months of appointment to CASL classic team. I will participate in continuing education units as required each season.
  8. I will ensure that my players are promoted to the highest team level at which they are capable of playing.
  9. I will uphold CASL’s standards by my actions in my capacity as a representative of CASL. I am aware that failure to maintain these standards could result in disciplinary action or dismissal.