Training Fee Payment System

The online Training Fee Payment System is now available for payment of Classic, ECNL and CAYA monthly training fees.

Monthly Training Fees are applied towards Staff, Directors and Coaches pay, goalkeeper coaching, coaching education, administration and other Classic Expenses. It is the parent’s responsibility to pay the training fee based on the training fee schedule posted on the CASL website.    Classic and ECNL monthly fees will be due in the CASL office by the 15th of the month before the month of training according to the training fee payment schedule.  CAYA monthly training fees are due by the 1st of the month of training.

  • The first monthly training fee payments  for Classic and ECNL are due on or before the following dates:

                            U11-U14 Girls & Boys                     July 15

                            U15-U18 Girls                                   July 15

                            U15-U18 Boys                                   September 15 


  • The first monthly training fee payments for CAYA are due on or before August 1.       
  • Payment can be made via e-check or credit card.
  • Payments can be made individually on the date of the payer’s choosing or recurring on the monthly due date. If you elect recurring payments, your initial method of payment (e-check or credit card) will be used each month on the due date of the payment.  Your initial payment will be made at the time you sign up for recurring billing.  Each subsequent payment will occur on the due date or the closest banking day following the due date. 
  • By selecting Pay Individually, payment can be made for one payment, multiple payments or the full season just by clicking the appropriate payment boxes.

Bank drafts from prior seasons are no longer in effect. Each family must go in and make payment arrangements through the Training Fee Payment System.


Complete instructions for using the Training Fee Payment System can be found on the CASL website.


As all payments will be made via the online system, we will no longer be accepting mail-in checks as a method of payment for training fees.  Cash payments are the only payments that will be accepted in the CASL office.


Click here to enter the Training Fee Payment System