2014-15 Team Parent Information

Since 1974, the nonprofit Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) has been working to promote and develop a broad range of soccer opportunities that enhance character, family and community, through the love of the game of soccer for local youth.  Integrated in this mission is the building of self-esteem, self-confidence, team work, respect for self and others, and all the inherent benefits of physical exercise.

Classic Soccer is the highest level of competition within NCYSA. Players compete against Classic teams from leagues throughout North Carolina or the USYS Region III during their regular season. Teams will travel to 2-5 Tournaments annually.  Most Classic seasons culminate with the USYSA State Cup series for advancement to Regional and National play. Our coaches have extensive playing and coaching experience at the collegiate/professional level and attempt to provide each player with a great experience.

Classic Players are expected to attend all training practices, scrimmages and games.  All Classic teams train 2-3 times per week once training officially begins. There is NO GUARANTEE of playing time in Classic Soccer. Playing time is based on commitment, ability, and merit.

All Classic teams will follow and abide by the Classic Guidelines as established by CASL’S Director of Coaching, and the Directors of Classic.  The teams will operate within CASL Bylaws as established by CASL’s Board of Directors. Classic teams consist of a Head Coach, a Team Manager, and a Team Treasurer.  Assistant coaches will be contracted as deemed appropriate by CASL’s Director of Coaching.  Head Coach will be responsible for the selection of a Team Manager.

There are 3 types of fees associated with CASL Classic Soccer: 

Registration fees, Training fees, and Team fees. 

Classic Registration Fees:

Classic registration fees will be paid individually by player families through the online registration system. The registration fees are as follows:

U11-U14 (New and First Season)                        $285.00             Due June 30th

           (Second Season)                                 $265.00             Due January15th          

U15-U18                                                           $375.00             Due June 30th

Registration fees paid for recreation and challenge will be automatically transferred to classic for the Fall season.  Following notification of selection to a team, all parents will be required to open the acceptance link in the online program and update any changes, confirm the information in the player’s record and pay the registration fee balance due to CASL.  Payment may be made by credit card online, or a check may be submitted to CASL.  Payment must be made prior to the ordering of NCYSA player passes. Registration fees are not refundable once team training begins. 

Classic Monthly Training Fees:

Classic Monthly Training Fees will be applied towards Staff, Directors and Coaches pay, goalkeeper coaching, coaching education, administration and other Classic Expenses. It is the parent’s responsibility to pay the training fee based on the training fee schedule posted on the CASL website.   We are excited to announce that this year we will be taking credit card and e-check payments online thru the registration system.  More details will follow as we get closer to the July 15th date.

  • Classic Monthly fees will be due in the CASL office by the 15th of the month according to the training fee payment schedule.
  • The first monthly training fee payments are due on or before the following dates:

                             U11-U14 Girls & Boys                         July 15

                            U15-U18 Girls                                     July 15

                            U15-U18 Boys                                   September 15               

  • Training fees are not pro-rated.   If a player is added to a Classic team before the last week of any given month, that entire month’s training fee is due

  • ALL training fees for the entire soccer season must be received by the CASL office one week prior to the beginning of the NCYSA/ USYS State Cup or President’s/Kepner Cup.  For teams who continue training after State Cup, the last training fee must be paid one week before the last major team tournament or ECNL event. 

  • Any individual who is selected to train and participate in any USYS Regionals, Region III President’s Cup, or any major soccer tournament after the CASL regular season, may be required to pay the additional training fees to cover the extra training required to participate in the tournament. 

Classic Team Fees:

Classic team fees differ from Classic Training fees whereas, training fees are paid to CASL and team fees are to be paid to the team treasurer.  The team management will create a unique team budget which will be based on recommendations from the Classic team coach.  Included in the Classic team’s budget will be items such as tournament registration fees, coach travel expenses, equipment, referee fees and communications.  The responsibility of maintaining the budget is shared by the families of all players on the Classic team.  If a player’s team fees are more than 2 weeks late, the team management has the responsibility to contact the CASL Financial Administrator for assistance in collecting the past due team fees.  If the past due team fees cannot be collected, the CASL Financial Administrator notifies the CASL Director of Coaching and he will determine if the player will be ineligible to participate in any team activities until the team fees are paid in full.  Team dues must be paid in a timely manner so that the remainder of the team will not have to bear the additional cost of the delinquent player’s portion of the team’s expenses. It is the responsibility of the classic team treasurer to keep accurate and up-to-date records of all receipts and disbursements of the team’s money.  As a member of the team, you have the right to receive a statement of all team expenditures

Delinquent Fees:

Each family will have the ability to view the status of their training fee payments via the online system.  This system will also be used to send past due and payment reminder emails.   CASL’s policy concerning late payments is as follows:

  • If a player’s training fees have not been received in the CASL office by the end of the business on the 30th of the month, CASL will notify the CASL Director of Coaching and members of his coaching staff that training fees are past due and the player is ineligible to participate in team training and games.  The player will be reinstated to the team when the training fee is paid in full. 

  • When a player is delinquent and the coach has been notified that the player is ineligible to play or train, there will be a one business day delay for processing between the time the payment is received in the CASL office and time and day the player will be able to rejoin with team training or games.

  • If more than one month’s training fees are past due, the player must pay all outstanding training fees before returning to the team.  There will be no grace period in this situation. 

  • If the player’s dues are not brought current before leaving the team, he/she may not be released from CASL and therefore, will not be allowed to play soccer with any NCYSA sanctioned club until his/her obligation is met.  

  • Any player, who has not paid in full for the year one week prior to the first State Cup/Kepner Cup weekend or the last major team tournament team event, will not be permitted to participate in the tournament. This includes any State Cup Play-in weekend even if the team is not participating in the play-in games.  If a player has not paid by tryouts, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the tryouts for the following season.

  • Team managers and treasurers must keep team issues confidential.  In addition, team managers and treasurers must be diligent in maintain the integrity of their own personal financial responsibilities as it relates to Capital Area Soccer League. 

Declined Credit Card Payments and E-Checks:

Any banking fees incurred by CASL due to items returned by a player’s financial institution are subject to a $15.00 processing fee.  If payment is not made, the CASL DOC will be notified and the player will not be eligible to participate with the team.

Player Drops:  If a player drops from a team, he/she must complete the appropriate paperwork and submit it to the Classic Registrar in the CASL office before they are officially taken off the roster.   All U18 Training Fee Refunds must be approved by the CASL Director of Classic and Director of Coaching.

Injuries:   To maintain a position on a classic team, an injured player’s family will be expected to pay the monthly training fee to CASL and all monthly dues to the team.  In cases of an extended or season-ending injury, please contact the Director of Coaching and the CASL Financial Administrator.  CASL will handle each case on an individual basis in consultation with the player’s family.

Guest Players:  Players in the CASL Classic Program are not permitted to guest play with any CASL Recreational or Challenge Teams or to guest play with other area clubs.  Players that may have the opportunity to guest play with another CASL Classic team will be expected to pay any tournament weekend expenses to that Classic team. 

Financial Assistance:

The CASL Financial Assistance program awards financial assistance on a per season basis to Classic player applicants approved by the CASL Financial Assistance Committee.  Due to limited resources and high demand, financial assistance is restricted to players who demonstrate a significant financial need.

  • CASL will make every effort to work with families who are experiencing extreme financial difficulties to ensure that a player can continue to participate in the Classic program.  In such cases, it will be the responsibility of the player’s family to communicate to the CASL Financial Administrator or a member of the staff in the CASL office of their situation.    Financial Assistance can be either full or partial, depending on the income level and special circumstances of the recipient family.

  • It is preferable for a player to submit a complete application for financial assistance as soon as possible after his or her selection to a classic team.  The deadline for applying for financial assistance is June 15th.   An application may be submitted after the deadline; however, the family will be responsible for all fees owed up to the time of acceptance or denial of the late application.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  

  • Recipients of Classic financial assistance may be required to perform volunteer hours at CASL Special Events.

  • Financial Assistance will be revoked for disciplinary issues or failure to honor commitment requirements for the team including, but not limited to, team participation and financial obligations.

Player and Team Support:

The coach’s job is to motivate, teach, and constructively criticize each player’s performance.  Your child will probably try many different positions throughout his or her career.  CASL’s first concern is for the long term development of your child’s soccer skills under pressure, and there will be times players are instructed to do things parents do not understand. Player and team development will sometimes be given a greater priority than winning.  Encourage your child to talk with the coaches, “taking responsibilities”, whether about playing difficulties or missing a match, etc.

  • There should not be coaching or refereeing from the sidelines at games or practices. CASL insists there be no shouting instructions to your child or yelling and complaining to the referees during games no matter how sincere your intentions are.   Let the coach coach the team.  Your vocal support and positive encouragement are welcome throughout good soccer play.

  • The best way you can help your child is to show a positive attitude.  Supply plenty of love, recognition, support and encouragement.  This allows your child to be confident, enjoy soccer more, and perform better in training and competition. Enjoy the game and have fun! 

Please feel free to contact Becky Jordan, Accounts Receivable Administrator, at (919) 341-4552 or email becky.jordan@caslnc.com, if you have any additional questions.