Fall 2014 Coaching Staff

*TBA-Coach to be assigned on a future date*

**TBD-Team to be formed contingent on tryout numbers and playing level**

U11-U18 Classic Boys

Team Coach
U18 Boys Age Group
96 CASL Red Ed Joyce
96 CASL Black Alix Charles
96 CASL White Jay Burbee
U17 Boys Age Group
97 CASL Red Richard Huxford
97 CASL Black Alix Charles
97 CASL White Bill Hanckel
97 CASL Grey Mike Perreira
97 CASL Silver  Jack Willett
U16 Boys Age Group
98 CASL Red Dan Popik
98 CASL Black Andrew Scheck
98 CASL White Martin Smith
98 CASL Grey Diego Munoz
98 CASL Silver Jordan Germano
U15 Boys Age Group
99 CASL Red Dan Popik
99 CASL Black Tim Evans
99 CASL White Jack Willett
99 CASL Grey David Rodriguez
99 CASL Silver  Jake Berry
U14 Boys Age Group
00 CASL Red Dan Popik
00 CASL Black Sam Stockley
00 CASL White Buckley Andrews
00 CASL Grey Eric Debrah
U13 Boys Age Group
01 CASL Academy Jrs Paul Forster
01 CASL Red Greg Shields
01 CASL Black Doug Prewett
01 CASL White David Rodriguez
01 CASL Grey  Andrew Murphy
01 CASL Orange Bob Harris
U12 Boys Age Group North Teams South Teams
02 CASL Juniors Red Mark Jonas (11 v 11)
02 CASL Black Bryan Farnsworth Jordan Dickerson (8 v 8)
02 CASL White David Rodriguez
02 CASL Grey Andrew Murphy
02 CASL Silver Marc Waldrop 
U11 Boys Age Group North Teams South Teams
03 CASL Red Mark Jonas Chris McClellan
03 CASL Black Tim Evans Jordan Dickerson
03 CASL White Bill Hanckel Josh McKinney
03 CASL Grey Eric Debrah


U11-U18 Classic Girls
Team Coach
 U18 Girls Age Group
96 CASL ECNL Sean Nahas, Courtney Crandell (Assistant)
96 CASL Ladies Red Bob Harris
96 CASL Ladies Black Jim Wright
U17 Girls Age Group
97 CASL ECNL Paul Forster
97 CASL Ladies Red Courtney Crandell
97 CASL Ladies Black Diego Munoz
97 CASL Ladies White Martin Smith
U16 Girls Age Group
98 CASL ECNL Steve Castro
98 CASL Ladies Red Tim Evans
98 CASL Ladies Black Jim Wright
98 CASL Ladies White  David Rodriguez
98 CASL Ladies Grey  Emily Turgeon
 U15 Girls Age Group
99 CASL ECNL Sean Nahas
99 CASL Ladies Red Richard Huxford 
99 CASL Ladies Black Kile Khali
99 CASL Ladies White  Emily Turgeon 

U14 Girls Age Group 
00 CASL ECNL  Damon Nahas 
00 CASL Ladies Red Courtney Crandell
00 CASL Ladies Black Paul Cummings
00 CASL Ladies White Diego Munoz

U13 Girls Age Group 
01 CASL Juniors Ladies Sam Stockley
01 CASL Ladies Red Jason Wolfe
01 CASL Ladies Black Jim Wright
01 CASL Ladies White Kile Khali

U12 Girls Age Group  North Teams South Teams
02 CASL Juniors Ladies Steve Castro (11 v 11) 
02 CASL Ladies Red Tommy Retzlaff
02 CASL Ladies Black Taylor Brown
02 CASL Ladies White Danny McManamy  
02 CASL Ladies Grey Rachael Engleking  
U11 Girls Age Group  North Teams South Teams
03 CASL Ladies Red Sean Nahas Danny McManamy 
03 CASL Ladies Black Bryan Farnsworth
03 CASL Ladies White Kile Khali

CASL Goalkeeping Staff (Boys & Girls)
Matt Brown-Director
Nick Platter
Scott Goodwin
Farzin Asefnia
William Hesmer 

CLICK HERE for Fall 2014 tryout information and for registration links. The online tryout registration deadline is April 7 for U16-U18 Classic Girls (including ECNL). ECNL tryouts are happening in conjunction with Classic tryouts for the U16-U18 age groups.