What is CAYA?


The Capital Area Youth Academy (CAYA) is a professional, skill-driven system of development that was designed to improve youth soccer players through a tiered structure,based upon age and technical competence.  The Academy, launched in 2013 with the partnership with CASL, FC Cary, and Next Level Academy, aims to provide committed soccer players with a thorough understanding of the game and the skills necessary to perform on the field of play.  The CAYA Academy utilizes detailed demonstrations to help players perform integral soccer movements correctly.  It is imperative that children, as visual learners, are able to watch and learn.  The Academy provides its players with the ability to watch and learn from the best.  

The CAYA curriculum was initially designed in association with CASL and NLA to focus upon the building blocks of a rising competitive player.  The Academy develops players between the ages of 7 and 10.

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