Q: What is the Capital Area Youth Academy(CAYA)?
A: CAYA is a partnership between CASL, FC Cary, and Next Level Academy (NLA) forming a youth development program for the U09&U10 age groups. It is a ten month program designed to enhance development by providing professional coaching to young soccer players who have already shown signs of becoming “Elite” level players.

Q: What programs does CAYA take the place of?
A: Beginning Fall 2013, CAYA will take the place of FC Cary’s ASP and CASL’s YTS programs

Q: What is NLA’s role?
A: NLA will specifically provide a pre-season training camp and winter training to CAYA players. Costs for these activities are included in CAYA fees.

Q: When are tryouts?
A: Tryouts will be May 12, 13, and 14 (May 15 is a rain makeup day) to form U9 and U10 CAYA teams for the Fall 13-Spring 14 season. Tryout registration can be started by clicking HERE. Please make sure your register before the deadline.

Q: Where will tryouts be held?
A: For this year, tryouts for both regions will be held at WRAL due to available field space (Players will tryout with players only from their region). In future years, tryouts will alternate between regions or a central location will be identified.

Q: If my child makes a U9 CAYA team, are they required to tryout the following year for the U10 CAYA teams?
A: Yes, players must tryout each year for the CAYA program.

Q: How much does CAYA cost?
A: CAYA training fees are posted HERE.

Q: What additional costs are not included in the fees paid to CAYA?
A: CAYA Uniforms will be purchased by CASL. Only mandatory uniform pieces will be covered. The approximate value of mandatory uniform pieces is $70.  Players will not be required to purchase uniforms in their second year if their current uniform still fits and is in good condition. Players will also be asked to purchase CAYA training shirts for $9 each. These training shirts should be worn at ALL CAYA training sessions and CAYA functions. Tournaments are not included in CAYA training. CAYA parents will be responsible for paying any tournament or event fees.

Q: Whose coaching staffs will coach the teams in CAYA?
A: CAYA teams will be coached by FC Cary and CASL staff coaches.

Q: Will there be a curriculum that both North and South Divisions follow?
A: Yes. Both divisions will follow the same curriculum, with oversight from our program directors.

Q: Which geographic division (region) should my child tryout for?
A: A player’s geographic division will be determined by their home address. Players living in Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Durham will play in the North region. Players living in Cary, Morrisville, and Apex will play in the South Region. Players living in areas not listed above should select the region closest to their home address. Players selecting a region not based on their home address will be asked to provide justification through the CAYA program directors.

Q: Where will the CAYA teams train?
A: CAYA North teams will train in Raleigh at WRAL Soccer Center and CAYA South teams will train in Cary at Green Hope Elementary School and Thomas Brooks Park.

Q: Will CAYA players be able to play in another league or guest play?
A: No. We feel our 10 month program (along with players being encouraged to participate with NLA) will provide enough direction and time for player development.

Q: Where will the local games be played and how far will we travel?
A: Teams will participate in the NC Champions League. Click HERE to visit the NC Champions League page. Home games will be played in the team’s regional area. Away games are primarily played in the triangle area. Some travel may be involved with league play.

Q: What nights/times will CAYA players train?
A: U9’s will train on Monday and Thursday nights 5.00-6.30pm
    U10’s will train on Monday and Thursday nights 6.30-8.00pm

Q: What is the typical week for a CAYA player?
A: A Typical training week for a CAYA player will be two team trainings during the week and a game on Sunday. Also, players will be encouraged to participate in the NLA academy program (additional fee, tryout, and registration process through NLA - www.nextlevelacademy.com) which will provide one additional day of individual skills training during the week. There is no conflict between the CAYA team training nights and NLA academy training night.

Q: Who is this program targeting and what are the goals?
A: CAYA is focused on individual player development in preparation for playing classic soccer (highest level of competitive soccer in North Carolina). CAYA is a more competitive and focused program than recreational and challenge soccer and the expectation is that players that tryout for this program have that same level of commitment.

Q: Should I register my child for rec through CASL or FC Cary in case my child does not make a CAYA team?
A: Only if your back-up plan is to play rec… If your child does not make a CAYA team, then he or she would have a rec league spot. If your child makes a CAYA team, your rec fee would be transferred to your CAYA team (if you have registered for CASL rec) or refunded (if you have registered for FC Cary rec).

Q: How will teams be formed?
A: CAYA teams will be tiered within each region based upon player skill level. There will be no cross over teams. Any other decisions about how teams are formed will be decided at tryouts.

Q: Will U10 CAYA teams play U11 classic at NCYSA?
A: This will be determined at the conclusion of the fall season for our U10 teams. Based on the pool of players in each region we will evaluate and determine if playing U11 Classic under NCYSA is a good option developmentally for the players.

*FAQ's will be updated as needed*