Coaching Staff

CASL is excited to announce the 2014-2015 coaching list for the Capital Area Youth Academy (CAYA). The staff will work together to create a first class training environment for the players in the CAYA Program.

This year we will have directors for each group/region:

     U9 and U10 Boys South Director: Chris McClellan
     U9 and U10 Girls South Co-Directors: John Dell'Omo
     U9 and U10 Boys North Director: Jason Keyes (Buddha)
     U9 and U10 Girls Nouth Director: Andy Tait

With CAYA and NLA continuing to work together this year we will add both Scott Schweitzer and Mark Girard as Technical Advisors.  Scott and Mark will work in conjunction with our staff on ensuring the technical development of the CAYA players is a top priority.  They will be present on game days and act as resource for all of coaches during the course of the season.  

South Teams

U9 Boys South U9 Girls South U10 Boys South U10 Girls South
Director Chris McClellan  Director John Dell'Omo Director Chris McClellan Director John Dell'Omo
Patrick O'Malley/Chris McClellan Michael Penwell Chris McClellan John Dell'Omo
Austen King Maggie McLaughlin
Michael Penwell Tina Fox
Brian Petz
Austen King
Ramon Gallardo

North Teams

U8 Boys North  U9 Boys North U9 Girls North U10 Boys North U10 Girls North
Director Jason Keyes    Director Jason Keyes   Director Andy Tait   Director Jason Keyes Director Andy Tait 
 Nick Cerullo      Jason Keyes (Buddha) Andy Tait Jason Keyes (Buddha) Andy Tait
 Stephen Henry  Tyler Lassiter MaryBeth Jorge Hassan Pinto Jason Wolfe
  Hassan Pinto Melissa Ellisen Tyler Lassiter Taylor Brown
  Mike Walters Andrew Murphy Mike Walters Jaclyn Hanson Allen
  Josh McKinney   Stephen Henry  
  Eric Debrah      


Over the last ten years when working together, CASL and NLA have a proven development model in place which has successfully produced and continues to produce a complete and confident player.  Both programs and staff are committed to providing the most innovative, competitive, and fun environment as we pursue a higher level for both our players and coaches.