Veteran (Current) Player Registration

Online registration is now open for all Challenge Veteran (Current) Players. Please review all of this information before beginning the registration process, which can be accessed through the link at the bottom of this page.

Deadline to register for Fall 2014 is May 16th. Please follow the instructions given on the online application.  Please note the following items:  

1) Current Challenge players from Spring 2014 who want to remain on their team for Fall 2014 should choose Challenge as the program option and proceed with registration.  [Challenge girls (rising U-16 thru U-18) whose teams were dormant in Spring 2014 should also follow this procedure and ignore the message box that appears when the Challenge program option is selected.]

2) If you are a returning player and are not recognized when you enter your information to begin registration, please STOP and contact Ann Gordon at or 834-3951 ext. 115 or Patty Scharville at or 834-3951 ext. 122 instead of trying to continue with registration.  It is important that you not proceed with registration as we could have an incorrect birthdate, name misspelled or other incorrect information.

3) The deadline for Veteran Challenge player online registration is May 16th. If you are paying by mail-in check option, your payment must be postmarked no later than May 17th.

4) The May 16th deadline is a firm deadline.  Veteran Challenge players missing the May 16th deadline will have the option of attending tryouts or registering for Recreational Soccer for Fall 2014. Missing the deadline will remove players from their current Challenge team.

5) Current Challenge players who want to change teams for Fall 2014 should register for Challenge tryouts.  Online registration for these tryouts is available at the CASL website. Registration for Challenge tryouts will remove players from their current Challenge team.

6) Challenge players who wish to try out for Classic teams may register online for these tryouts at the CASL website.  Registration for Classic tryouts will not remove players from their current Challenge team if they follow all other Challenge Veteran registration guidelines outlined here. 

7) Current Challenge players who want to play Recreational soccer in Fall 2014 instead of Challenge soccer should choose Recreational as the program option.  Registering for Recreational soccer will remove players from their current Challenge team (unless you are on a rising U-15 thru U-18 boys Challenge team – see further instructions below).

8) If you are currently on a rising U-15 thru U-18 boys Challenge team, you will not register to return to your Challenge team at this time.  The U-15 thru U-18 boys Challenge teams are dormant for Fall 2014. You will receive registration information in time for Spring 2015 veteran player Challenge registration.

9) Players on rising U-15 thru U-18 boys Challenge teams may register to play Recreational soccer for Fall 2014. These players will not be removed from their current Challenge team.

10) Please pay attention to the t-shirt size selection and choose your correct size.

11) There will be a $15 returned check fee. If your check is returned to CASL unpaid your child will not be placed on a team and will be ineligible to participate in games and practices until the registration fee along with the $15 returned check fee is paid in full.  Cash or money order only will be accepted as payment for a returned check. 

CLICK HERE to begin the Challenge Veteran Player Registration for Fall 2014