Practice Information

U10 – U14 Challenge teams do not have to submit new practice requests unless your team falls under one of these conditions:

  • ***Early time slot is requested (see below)
  • A new practice day is requested
  • A new practice location is requested
  • Your team is newly formed

***On a trial basis, we are offering practice time slot stacking for some locations.  While a new concept for our organization, it allows teams longer earlier practice slots, less fields needed for practices and more teams on popular field locations.  Time slots will run from 4pm until 5:55 and 6pm until dark.  Any team not requesting a choice will automatically be given the 6pm until dark time slot.  We encourage all teams that can, choose the earlier time slot as you’ll be able to practice longer.

Sites that will offer time slot stacking:

  • WRAL Soccer Center
  • Dorthea Dix Park
  • Davis Drive Park
  • North Cary Park
  • White Oak Park
  • Thomas Brooks Park
  • Southside Soccer Park
  • Preston Soccer Park

Teams that age up to a different size field/goal will automatically be assigned to a day/location that was similar to the previous season.  Please note the deadline date for submitting the Practice Request form.

Spring 2013 Practice Request Form

For U15 – U18 Challenge teams, the High School Practice Requests must be turned in for the season you are returning from dormant status.  This includes the season a team ages up from U14 to U15.  No practice will be assigned for your team unless the request form is turned in.  Please note the deadline date.  High School aged teams (U15 –U18) are guaranteed one practice per week over the course of the season.  Player fees in these age groups are structured for one practice per week.  However, each team may request a second practice (which will be one half of a field) per week for an extra cost of $210 (based on availability).  Two teams may also choose to share one half of a field for a cost of $110 per team.  The 2 challenge teams are treated as one team.  For example, a U15 challenge team decides to request a second practice and pays the $210 fee.  If the field that team is assigned for the second practice is a practice field designated for 3 teams (such as at Davis Drive), then that U15 team could be sharing its practice field with 2 other teams.  If the field is designated for 2 teams then the U15 challenge team will have one half of the field.

Spring 2013 High School Practice Request Form