Match Reschedule Policy

Team Requested Match Reschedule Procedure

If a Recreation or Challenge team must request CASL to reschedule a match once the schedules have been released at the beginning of a season, the following procedure must be followed:  

a) Team desiring to change a game must contact the opponent coach. If the opponent coach is unable to reschedule the game, the game cannot be rescheduled. If the opponent coach agrees to a date and time to reschedule, the requesting coach must submit the Reschedule from their Soccerincollege Account. the request must be received by CASL no less than 18 days before the match in order to avoid referee fees.

b) CASL will check availability and coordinate with teams as to the date, time and field to reschedule the match.  
c) If CASL does not receive the form in time to avoid paying the referees for the original scheduled date, then the requesting team will be responsible for paying
referee fees for the rescheduled date or arrange for self-officiating. 

Once you understand and have read the policy, please submit a rescheduling request through your SoccerInCollege account. Click Here for step by step instructions.