Fall 2014 Dates and Policies

Week of August 11th: Fall practice can officially begin, weather permitting (CASL Weather Hotline Number: (919) 248-9516.  Updated daily & on game days during the season)

August 23th - 24th: First weekend of games for Challenge division      

August 30th - 31st: CASL NSS Qualifier Tournament - No regular season games this weekend     

October 18th - 19th: Last weekend of games for Challenge division      

October 25th - 26th: Rain make-up weekend   

** Please note – Challenge games may begin as early as Friday evening and as late as Sunday evening of the weekend**     



REFUND POLICY: REFUND REQUESTS FOR THE FALL 2014 SEASON MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING BY COMPLETING THE REFUND REQUEST FORM found on the CASL website. The Refund Request Form should be sent to the attention of the division registrar.  Refund Request Forms must be received (not postmarked) in the CASL office on or before August 15th.   Refunds will be issued for the amount of the registration fees paid less a $25 administrative fee.  In addition to the $25 administrative fee, any nonrefundable fees that have been paid by CASL on the player’s behalf will be deducted from the amount of the refund. Any Requests received after August 15th will not be honored.  

There will be a $15 returned check fee. If your check is returned to CASL unpaid your child will not be placed on a team and will be ineligible to participate in games and practices until the registration fee along with the $15 returned check fee is paid in full.  Cash or money order only will be accepted as payment for a returned check.


PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: The Capital Area Soccer League prohibits players from participating with other clubs while registered to a CASL Challenge team.  Players registered to a Challenge team my only practice with their team. No players from other divisions may practice with a Challenge team unless granted permission by the CASL Challenge DOC or Chairman.   

ORGANIZATION: The Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization founded to promote and administer the operation of a participation soccer league in Wake County and surrounding areas. CASL is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and assisted by paid staff employees.  

INSURANCE: Youth players, coaches, and assistant coaches are covered by accident insurance during each season at scheduled practices and games. For reasonable necessary medical expenses, NCYSA’s Youth Soccer Medical Expense Insurance pays up to $100,000 for injuries sustained in a Covered Accident. Payment will not be made for any expenses incurred after 104 weeks of the accident date. An Expense is considered incurred on the date the Medical Care is rendered. A $1,000 Deductible applies to each accident. The policy is secondary to insurance maintained by parents, employers, etc. For more information visit http://www.ncsoccer.org/docs/insurance/insurance_coverage_outlines.pdf

EQUIPMENT: It is MANDATORY per CASL Rules for all players to wear shin guards.

REGISTRATION: Veteran Challenge players, in order to remain on their same teams, must complete registration and payment by May 16th.

CASL OFFICE HOURS: CASL Office Hours are posted on the CASL website www.caslnc.com. The CASL office is closed on Wednesdays and hours vary on other days depending on the time of year. Please check the CASL website for office hours if planning to visit the office.