Challenge Sample Budget

In addition to the online Challenge Registration Fees that are paid to CASL for items such as field usage, referees, administration and insurance- each player will have a Team Fee paid specifically to their Team Treasurer each season. Team Fees are used to pay for shared costs such as tournament entry fees, team camps, team equipment, player/coaches' gifts and team parties. Coaches, Team Managers, and Team Treasurers should work in unison to address the needs of the team but also be sensitive to the budgets of their families.

Regarding tournament expenses, the team will reimburse the head coach for the hotel expense, mileage and a per diem for meals based on the IRS published amounts if the head coach does not have a child on the team. If the head coach has a child on the team then the team will not have to reimburse the head coach for any travel expenses. This applies only to head coaches; assistant coaches are not reimbursed for any travel expenses even if they don’t have a child on the team.

The overall budget for shared expenses should be determined and then divided by the number of players on the roster to determine the per player expense. As a general rule, per player Team Fees should not be more than the cost of registration itself, and ideally closer to the $150 range. Fundraisers may be pursued to offset some costs (doughnut sales, car washes etc) however, any fundraising activity must be first approved through the CASL office. As this is a volunteer driven league, parents and players interested in fundraising opportunities are encouraged to volunteer to be the Fundraiser and/or Community Service Coordinator for their challenge team.

The Team Fee does not cover individual costs such as personal equipment needs (cleats, shinguards) or personal travel costs (gas, hotel rooms).

Below is a sample of a team budget but actual team budgets may be slightly more or less depending on the team’s choices of tournaments, etc. Also there will be an extra cost if the team is purchasing uniforms or a new player joins the team who needs to purchase a uniform.


Sample Challenge Team Budget-Fall

Tournament 1            $ 425              CASL Labor Day Kickoff

Tournament 2            $ 450              Challengefest

Camps and Clinics     $275               Team Camps

Player Gifts                $195               $15/Player (such as team drawstring bags etc)

Team Parties             $130               $10/player

Coach(es) Gifts          $150               3 coaches


Total                           $ 1,625

# of Players                       13


Amount per Player $ 125