CASL Ambassador Program


The CASL Ambassador program, initiated in 2007, is an opportunity for players and families to couple a soccer-based international tour with cultural enrichment experiences in several European countries. Each summer, CASL teams are sent oversees for international tournament play while engaging in local culture and sightseeing activities.

What is the CASL Ambassador Program?

  • Initiated in 2007
  • Teams participate in international training and tournaments
  • Explore local culture
  • Sightseeing activities

Who is eligible to participate in the CASL Ambassador Program?

  • Open to U13 and U14 CASL Challenge boys and girls teams
  • Other teams added based on interest
  • CASL offers team trips on an interest basis, not by talent or tryout

What are some of the locations that the past CASL Ambassador programs have visited?

Spain Norway Germany
Sweden England Denmark

2015 Trip Details: Donosti Cup

  • Location: Madrid, Spain & San Sebastian, Spain
  • Dates: July 2-12
  • Extra Features: Tour Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, participate in the opening ceremony at Real Sociedad Stadium

Email Bryan Farnsworth for any questions.

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2013 Ambassador Program Recap


This past summer, CASL concluded another trip from its extensive list of Ambassador Program destinations.  This year, the program set its sight on Denmark with a few stops along the way.

CASL’s U14 Girls’ roster included CASL Challenge players from different teams across the age group along with 16 other participants (parents, coaches, etc.).  The 10 day journey started in Copenhagen where the group spent a few days getting to know the culture.  The girls faced a Swedish team from Malmo for a friendly match.  After the game, both teams and parents  socialized and ate dinner together, sitting around picnic tables and exchanging Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram information (mostly just the players…mostly).

The CASL crew also got to experience live and in person the Champions League match between Zenit and FC Nordsjaelland (Russia v Denmark).  This is something that can’t often be duplicated, and it’s extremely important to CASL that all players have the opportunity to see the game played right…even overseas.  They were also able to do some sight–seeing around town and even took a break on a Harbor cruise.  The trip also consisted of a day at the Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen’s slightly smaller version of Disney World. Needless to say, the girls had a blast.

Following Copenhagen, in order to prepare a little more, the team made a pit stop on their way into Denmark for a second friendly game against a local club team.  Finally, CASL departed for the Vildjberg Cup. After 34 years, the tournament remains the 4th biggest tournament in Europe.  With 36 excellent grass fields all in walking distance from the sports center, Vildjberg provides the unique frame to carry out 1,800 matches in 4 days.

The town of 5,000 was the perfect setting for the Vildjberg Cup parade where roughly 10,000 boys and girls would walked and represented the countries for which they play.  At a glance, the locals thoroughly enjoyed the parade and cheering on all the boys and girls.  With their hair and faces painted, carrying their flag, wearing their jerseys, completely enthralled in the game and its culture, it must have been hard not to smile as they marched by.

The second day of the tournament not only had games on the schedule but it also included a "Bubble Disco"!!  This acted as a “social” for all the participating players and is exactly what it sounds like.  While a band played live music, the players amused themselves around bubble machines.  It was as if an enormous dishwasher was opened mid-scrub onto the scene.  Parents were not actually allowed to participate in the social nor did they really want to.  Some were obviously on hand, though, for pictures (and supervision).

It seemed these pre-tourney functions really helped the girls mesh and connect more on the field as they made it to the finals of the Vildjberg Cup.  After playing and winning 5 games, CASL faced its 6th Danish competitor of the tournament and fell 0-1- the only goal they allowed the entire tournament.

After taking second place, the group headed back to Copenhagen for their last and final night.  What better way to recover from an eight-game schedule than by jumping into the freezing cold harbor?  The girls didn’t hesitate though and it made for a great memory on what can only be described as another successful CASL Ambassador trip!

For further information email Bryan Farnsworth, Director of Challenge Division.