Athlete Peak Performance


CASL Athlete Peak Performance (CAPP) was added to CASL's full service offerings in 2013 as an avenue for youth soccer athletes to maximize their soccer athletic potential. The player-centered program provides soccer specific sport performance training, evaluation, and strength and conditioning to prepare athletes for the next level of competition. The programs in CAPP are designed to improve soccer performance and to unlock performance potential of each individual soccer player



CASL Athlete Peak Performance Philosophy

Athleticism is a crucial component to the modern soccer game.  Taking into consideration each player's genetics and body composition, CAPP is designed to develop the complete soccer player by improving the six R's of soccer performance.  Technical skill will be enhanced through improvements made to speed, strangth, reaction time, anaerobic power, mental agility, anaerobic capacity, aerobic conditioning, joint flexibility, and movement skills.  Click Here for a diagram of CAPP's philosphy.

The 6R's of Soccer
CASL Athlete Peak Performance is dedicated to developing the complete soccer player, which revolves around the 6R's of the modern game:

  1. Running without the ball
  2. Running with the ball
  3. Receiving the ball
  4. Retaining possession
  5. Releasing the ball
  6. Regaining possession
CASL Athlete Peak Performance relies on objective measures and testing to determine current performance levels, with a view to maximize athletic potential.  CAPP is the only athlete performance provider in the Triangle area that currently utilizes SmartSpeed by Fusion Sport for evaluation and developing their youth athletes.

For an interesting look into how professional soccer athletes can analyze their athletic potential using SmartSpeed by FusionSport, check out this feature with Cristiano Ronaldo.

8 Week Spring Programs March 2 - April 27

Spring 2014 CAPP Calendar (download)

Meet Richard Huxford
Richard Huxford is passionate about player development in soccer and considers athleticism in the modern game a crucial component.  He brings a unique blend of professional playing experience, highly relevant academics, and high level coaching qualifications.  Huxford played soccer at the higher professional level in England and Scotland between 1985 and 2001, studied to M.Sc. level in the sports sciences and performance coaching domain, and holds the UEFA A license coaching qualification.  Huxford continues his professional development observing youth players and teams in the U.S., attending training courses, workshops and professional conferences.

1/14/2014 CAPP Winter Training Reviews