Employment Opportunities

CASL Coaching Positions (Ongoing): Interested in coaching youth soccer? If yes, please email Director of Soccer Programs, Paul Forster.

Open Board of Directors Positions at CASL: Director - Recreation Division - Click Here for a full job description and expectations
Requirements:  Must be a member of CASL in good standing and have a child playing in the Recreation Division at CASL. 
Purpose: The Director of the Recreation Division is responsible for: 

 1.       Keeping the Board fully apprised of the needs, problems, and concerns of CASL members playing in the Recreation Division.
 2.       Serving as a liaison for the Board with all Recreation Division members.
 3.       Representing the interests of CASL as a whole and will give the interests of CASL as an organization higher priority than the interests of the playing
   division they represent.


We offer a variety of internships every Fall, Spring, and Summer. Positions are available in Recreation and Challenge leagues, Events/Tournaments, and Marketing/Sponsorship. This internship can be volunteer based or used for school credit, however this is an unpaid position so we do recommend you try to supplement with other paid opportunities. We do ask that you allocate 15-20 hours a week for this position. 

This is a great opportunity for those focused on a career in sport to get hands-on experience in the field. You will have the opportunity to: 
- apply your classroom learning in an environment that calls for quick-thinking and initiative.  
- take charge of your own projects (often independently) related to every aspect of non-profit sport operations. 
- use their own creativity and experience to help complete assigned projects.
- learn the day to day responsibilities of a those with a career in Sport Management

If interested in an internship with CASL, please submit your resume to stacy.dally@caslnc.com and include the season and area you'd like to work in. 

"My internship at CASL was an invaluable experience.  CASL truly listened to what I wanted out of the internship, providing me with projects and work in areas that interested me, but did not restrict me to solely one type of work.  A unique part of interning with CASL was the level of responsibility I had in my work.  For several of the projects I worked on, I took up a lead role and felt like I was legitimately contributing to the club, honing my professional skills in the process. I would recommend all students interested in working in sport to consider an internship with CASL!”
-Kieran Downey, (NC State’14, Sport Management)