May 12, 2014

Ten CASL Teams Headed to Semi-Finals of Kepner Presidents Cup and USYS State Cup  

Raleigh, NC – Today the Capital Area Soccer League announced that ten CASL teams will be advancing to the semi-finals of their respective end of season tournaments. Four teams are advancing to the semi-finals of the Kepner Presidents Cup and six teams have earned a spot in the semi-finals of the USYS State Cup. After completing group play, each of these teams will now be entering single elimination play. Each game outcome determines whether or not they advance to the final game. Kepner Presidents State Cup teams will be playing for a ticket to the US Youth Soccer President's Cup Regionals to be held June 12-15 in Decatur, Alabama. USYS State Cup teams will be vying for a spot in the USYS Region III (South) Championships to be played in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the last week in June. 

2014 Kepner Presidents Cup Semi-Finalists
U12 Junior Black (Coach: Greg Shields)
U14 Premier White Ladies (Coach: Leto Alibaruho)
U16 Elite White (Coach: Alix Charles)
U18 Premier (Coach: Martin Smith)

2014 USYS State Cup Semi-Finalists
U13 Elite Juniors Ladies (Coach: Steve Castro)
U13 Academy Juniors (Coach: Paul Forster)
U14 Elite Black (Coach: Richard Huxford)
U15 Elite Black (Coach: Jeff Negalha)
U16 Elite Black (Coach: Stuart Brown)
U17 Elite Black (Coach: Paul Forster)

Best of luck to each of these teams who have trained tirelessly to advance to the final rounds of State Cup competition.